World Cup 2014 Predictions and Preview

World Cup 2014 Predictions and Preview

World Cup 2014 Predictions

Predictions for the 2014 World Cup are never a simple task. Soccer Cup tournaments are always difficult to predict the outcomes for and the World Cup even more so. There are so many factors that cannot be foreseen even in the midst of a match. Still there are some hints that we can take going into the tournament.

With the World Cup taking place in Brazil, the host country will certainly be favorites to win their sixth World Cup trophy. The last time that they hosted, in 1950, they were runners up to Uruguay. It should be noted that no European team has won the World Cup on South American soil. Spain could be the team to break this cycle, after all, their 2010 win in South Africa is the first time a European team has won off of the continent of Europe.

Likewise, Germany has a strong team that will certainly challenge, as could the 2010 runners-up the Netherlands. Lionel Messi could finally end his international difficulties by leading Argentina, however, they will need to prove that they are more than just a group of individually talented players and start playing as a team.

There are still plenty of other quality nations playing this season including standouts like Uruguay and possible dark horse, Columbia.

Throughout the 2014 World Cup I will be brining my weekly predictions. You can also download this free printable World Cup Bracket to follow along with your own picks. Here are my predictions for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Group A: Winner – Brazil

Runner-up – Mexico

Group B: Winner – Spain

Runner-up – the Netherlands

Group C: Winner – Colombia

Runner-up – Ivory Coast

Group D: Winner – England

Runner-up – Italy

Group E: Winner – France

Runner-up – Switzerland

Group F: Winner – Argentina

Runner-up – Nigeria

Group G: Winner – Germany

Runner-up – Portugal

Group H: Winner – Belgium

Runner-up – Russia

Last 16:

Brazil v the Netherlands – Brazil advances

Colombia v Italy – Italy advances

Spain v Mexico – Spain advances

England v Ivory Coast – England advances

France v Nigeria – France advances

Germany v Russia – Germany advances

Argentina v Switzerland – Argentina advances

Belgium v Portugal – Portugal advances


Quarter Finals:

Brazil v Spain – Brazil win

Spain v England – Spain win

France v Germany – Germany win

Argentina v Portugal – Argentina win


Brazil v Germany – Brazil win

Spain v Argentina – Spain win

Third Place match:

Germany v Argentina – Germany win

World Cup 2014 Final:

Brazil v Spain

               World Cup 2014 winner: Brazil


Picking Brazil seems like an easy thing to do, but they are favorites for a reason. They are on home soil and are a very good team. While their Group isn’t the easiest in the tournament, it is one they should be able to navigate through. Still, to win the World Cup, they will need to overcome some very good teams. For now, they are the favorites and picking against them is a difficult thing to do.

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