Brazil v Chile Preview: World Cup Predictions

Brazil v Chile Preview: World Cup Predictions

World Cup 2014 Predictions

 This Saturday is the start of the knockout stages in the 2014 World Cup. My picks and predictions for Saturday’s matches will include brief previews for both matches taking place. Read on for my Brazil vs Chile preview with prediction and starting lineup.

Brazil v Chile – Saturday, June 28 @ 12pm

Brazil come in to this match on the back of one of their best showings so far and should feel that they have momentum for this first of the Round of 16 matches. This is a matchup in which Brazil has dominated.

They have won 5 out of their last 6 meetings with the only other match ending in a draw. In this six matches there have been 5 red cards and 16 yellow cards while Brazil has outscored Chile 20-6. The last time that Chile won was back in 2000 during World Cup Qualifying.

Brazil should have a fully fit squad and one without any changes despite the criticisms being leveled at several players. So far Neymar has been impressive and his performances have been enough to lift Brazil to victory.

Chile have continued to play their own brand of soccer. It is a very tough brand of soccer and one that is not always pleasing to watch. They have a solid defensive line and a rough midfield and their players are not afraid to go after a tackle or roll around a few times to get a call.

This is going to be a good match to watch. Both teams have been tough to play against and neither will back down. Do not be surprised to see some cards being shown for this one, including a red. I could certainly see a Chile player walking off with a red considering how dirty they have been up to this point.

My prediction is a close Brazil win. Chile will not back down and will give everything, though. Their do or die team mentality means that Brazil cannot underestimate them. This is a match in which their teamwork could lead to a win or at least push Brazil to extra time.

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